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The Vinland Map: Greenland is Baffin Island

The authenticity of The Vinland Map was challenged, and discounted in the 1970s on two major counts: 1) A modern trace element in the ink (anatase), and 2) that Greenland on The Vinland Map appears as an island – a fact not known until a steamship circumvented the island in the 20th century…

The ongoing ink debate aside – It seems A MAJOR ERROR was made by scholars’ using the “Greenland as an island” anti-authenticity argument. After a detailed satellite-view matching the island’s shorelines (including the large island to the south), and comparison of the same to old Hudson’s Bay Company (1743) and Vaugondy & Diderot (1770) maps of Canada’s north, the island is clearly BAFFIN ISLAND, NOT GREENLAND (and very clearly features Resolution Island, Frobisher Bay and Cape Dyer).

Vinland Map Baffin Island


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