Vinland, 2013 A.D.

The 'Discovery' of Vikings in Laval, Quebec (Vinland), the St. Lawrence Valley (Markland) and Newfoundland (Helluland) – 18.02.13

About Vinland, 2013 A.D.

Donald Wiedman began exploring the countryside as a child growing up in the 1970s in St. Francois, Laval, Quebec. He continues to do so today around Toronto, Canada – exploring, mapping and sharing cycling routes via his popular website of twenty 20+ bike rides around Lake Ontario’s ‘Golden Horseshoe’.

In his travels he has also explored the Roskilde Viking Museum outside Copenhagen. Cycled down the west coast of Denmark, along Scotland’s Outer Hebrides to The Stones of Callanish, and up the west coast of Newfoundland to L’Anse aux Meadows. He has also explored the Ottawa River by bike, cycling and camping up the Quebec side, and down the Ontario side between Ottawa and Pembroke.


Cycling the ‘countryside’ – as only long distance cyclists know – offers a different, more ‘real’ interaction with the geographical features of the surrounding landscape (than that experienced by those who travel at great speeds by car, truck or train).

The ups and downs and ever-changing look of shorelines, heart shaped rocks dotting a secluded beach, a tiny cliffside waterfall unlike any other – waterfront and riverside cyclists see (and feel) the shoreline much like The Norse would have seen it (and depended on it) from their ships and eight-man row boats.


Donald is a published (paid) in-print and online magazine writer, and career consultant and manager of not-for-profit communications, public relations, social media and media relations.

College – D.E.C.: Social Sciences, CEGEP Vanier, St. Laurent, Quebec.

University – BA: Film & Communications, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

QUESTIONS?  Please Contact: Donald .Gobybike .Wiedman @gmail .com

Lavalhallalujah © Wiedman Communications, 2013

6 thoughts on “About Vinland, 2013 A.D.

  1. Thank you, it warme´s my hart to see you righting of my forfaters.
    I whent to the other day.( It cepes the reckords of Icelandic ansestory.) And counted that is 30 gernarasions from me to the fyrst Icelandic seteler Ingólf Arnason. Sorry abut the spelling.

  2. Thanks for your excellent research in the geography of the VIKING travels to America.
    I try to make a similar work in the propable Minoan-Mycenaeam travels to the Great Lakes for obtaining copper. The Vikings simply followed these old mariners. If you would like, I want to cooperate and combine these travels.

  3. Perhaps the reason for the deaths of the men was that they were considered outlaws. In Iceland according to the law, if found, outlaws could be put to death.

  4. Hello, This/these are very interesting. Do you have any opinions about other possible pre-Columbian contacts with the western hemisphere by other older cultures? How about numerous possible Viking, pre-Columbian related artifacts, sites: e.g. “Kensington Runestone”, etc? Do you think the Vikings got further south than Canada in the new world? Have you communicated with or are you getting any credited archeological, scientific, historian contact, discussions, interest, agreement or disagreement? Thank you.

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