After two and a half+ years of research, deciphering*, site visits and landmark and ley-of-the-land ‘exploration’ via google maps, flash earth and panoramio photos (indispensable), I am pleased to present the first (sneak peek) copies of my just completed Maps of the newly interpreted Vinland Sagas.

These latest, most accurate maps span both the Eiriksson family’s Greenlanders’ Sagas and Thorfinn Karlsefni’s Eirik’s Sagas. The maps are based on the theory that the Vinland Sagas are ‘Oral Maps’ for settlers and traders travelling to and from Helluland, Markland, Vinland and Unipedland (Baffin Island and Hudson Bay).

Each vignette describes key coastline stretches, dramatic rock and water features, and unforgettable landscapes and mountain ranges along Newfoundland’s west coast, inside the Gulf of St. Lawrence and along the Acadian coast, up the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers (to New Liskeard and North Bay, Ontario), into Hudson Bay and James Bay, and the way home to Greenland off the northeast tip of Baffin Island.

2015 Vinland Map 1
2015 Vinland Map 2
2015 Vinland Map 3
2015 Vinland Map 4
2015 Vinland Map 5

Thanks for your time,
Donald Wiedman

Toronto, Canada – July 28, 2015

* All interpretations are of “The Vinland Sagas – The Norse Discovery of America” – Magnus Magnusson and Hermann Palsson translation, Penguin Books, 1965.

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