This blog offers new Norse oral history interpretations that, since 2013, have begun the ‘unravelling’ of the one thousand year-old Vinland Sagas – and the zeroing in on the location of the Norse settlements of ‘Vinland’ up the St. Lawrence River at Laval/Terrebonne, ‘Markland’ the Quebec mainland, and ‘Helluland’ the west coast of Newfoundland.

Please click on the links within each post to view the photos of corresponding landmarks and landscapes – Latest Update! – October 20, 2015

And while reading, please think about a very plausible new multi-disciplinary theory – that the Norse attempted, four times from 1000-1020 AD, to settle at Barachois, Newfoundland (Hop), at Gaspe, Quebec (Kjalarness), on Ile d’Orleans (Straumfjord), and further up the St. Lawrence River, at the eastern tip of the island of Laval, Quebec (Krossaness). The same sites that what would 600 years later be amongst the sites of the first settlements of French Canada.

Also think about The Vinland Sagas as wonderful, literal passages of oral history and oral maps, combined – in the form of tales of both the Norse history of exploring and attempting to settle in northeastern North America, and descriptive directions along the fertile shorelines of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and (way) up the St. Lawrence River.

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